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Model: gag
Transparent ball gag. Fully adjustable nickle free hardware. Non-staining body safe vinyl. Breathable ABS ball gag. Unisex design and compatible with all Bare Bondage accessories...
Model: gag
Features:Fully adjustable, black breathable ball gagIdeal for beginners, sub training and power play experimentationPlastic ball lined with holes to allow easy breathing while gagged2 O-rings on each side for added creativity and variety10-hole buckle fastening systemAdjustable strap circumference: ..
Model: gag
Silence your partner with this OUCH! Ball Gag, which is perfect for beginners and experienced bondage players alike.This tough phthalate-free ball gag comes with metal O-rings and has an adjustable buckle featuring 9 holes for easy adjustment.It measures 62 cm, 24.4inch in length and 2.5 cm, 1.74 in..
Model: gag
Leather, adjustable buckle strap with a red or black rubber ball gag. Gag 5.5 Inch Circumference..
Model: gag
This high fashion, stylish design, breathable ball gag is a high end accessory at a low end price. Accessible to all consumers, beginner to advanced. Think of it as a blindfold for your mouth. Includes: 1.75" (44.7mm) diameter ball and a one- size-fits-most fabric strap..
Model: gag
Experience the sensation of soft and inviting fabric, of fine lace against your cheeks.Ingredients: 64% polyester, 22% polyurethane, 10% citrate, 4% spandexIncludes: 1 53 inch (134.62cm) Lace bit gag..
Model: gag
Learn how to communicate in a new way using your body to ‘talk’ with the Locking Lace Ball Gag. Explore with the silicone gag to submit to control, allowing other sensations to be heightened.Use (2) included keys to fully explore power exchanges with a partner(s)Easily clean ball and strap with soap..
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