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Model: robe
Bouquet is a beautiful dressing gown decorated with lovely lace on the sides – it definitely provides a nice view! Includes a matching satin thong and a waist tie. Item comes packaged in a Beauty Night box with a picture presenting the product, which is marked with a hologram from the logo Beauty Ni..
Model: robe
Cassidy is a very sensual robe made from soft and transparent chiffon. The collar of the robe is edged with gorgeous black lace, as so with the cuffs and the hem. A chiffon waist tie is also included. Cassidy arrives packaged in her own Irall box with lovely matching tissue paper...
Model: robe
An original bathrobe in which the satin is combined with transparent chiffon giving it an elegant style. Front, back and belt are made of the highest quality satin. The sides and kimono sleeves are sewn from transparent chiffon. The sleeves are finished with beautiful lace. The length of the dressin..
Model: robe
A charming, sensual short dressing gown made of modal - a modern, body-friendly material in a shade of light pink. Finished with delicate lace. Thong of the same material is included. Set in an elegant package with a picture of the product, marked with a hologram with the Beauty Night Fashion logo. ..
Model: robe
Goldie peignoir is an elegant dressing gown with a gorgeous soft-touch champagne fabric. A sexy black lace trim is added to give this dressing gown a finishing touch...
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